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Begin impact investing risk-free

Have 500 euros GUARANTEED on your first investment with Lendahand using code GOODSTART at checkout.


We’ve got you covered!

Beginning with impact investing can be both exciting and daunting; we're here to remove the jitters with our Good Start Promise.

Our Good Start Promise ensures a guarantee of up to 500 euros on your very first investment. To enjoy it, simply add the code GOODSTART when paying for your first order. You can add multiple projects of different amounts to your first investment.

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The Good Start Promise 


Good Beginnings

With our Good Start Promise, we're taking the apprehension out of your first investment. Get a taste of how satisfying and empowering impact investing can be with reduced financial risk.


How It Works

Investing in crowdfunding projects on Lendahand is easy.

  1. Create an account: Sign up here 
  2. Choose: Browse through the impactful projects on our projects page and add the ones you want to invest into your basket.
  3. Invest: On the payment page, add the code GOODSTART to activate your 500 euro guarantee.



What’s Covered?

Your investment is now risk-free, up to 500 euros. Should any business you’ve invested in from your first order be unable to repay you, we’ve got your back. 

Here are two examples of how your investment is covered:

Example 1: Julia makes a first-time investment of EUR 1,000 in Project A. This means that Project A is guaranteed for EUR 500.

Example 2: Julia makes a first-time investment of EUR 1,000 in 2 projects, Project A and Project B. She invests EUR 600 in Project A and EUR 400 in Project B. This means that Project A is guaranteed for EUR 300 and project B for EUR 200.


This offer is only valid for first-time investors. The guarantee can be claimed after (1) Lendahand notifies the investor that the investment has been written off, OR (2) A payment is overdue by more than 365 days, and no subsequent payments have been received since that delay. For the terms and conditions of this first guarantee program, read here.


Great futures 

Your investment means their opportunity

When you invest with Lendahand, you’re building a sustainable and prosperous future for hard-working entrepreneurs in developing countries. You are also building a diverse and impactful investment portfolio for yourself while receiving an interesting financial return.

“Investing in crowdfunding projects with Lendahand is a win-win situation for me,” says investor Trees.


Financial and Social Return


Crowdfunding, we do it together

Join our growing community of impact investors who share your values to bring positive change in the world. Over 16,000 crowd investors have invested +160 million euros through Lendahand so far. 

Make a Good Start on Your Impact Investing Journey Now

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For the complete terms and conditions of our Good Start Promise, click here.