Why this warning despite license?

AFM license has been obtained in September 2016

Why this notice?

Lendahand has obtained an AFM license in September 2016. Crowdfunding platforms with a licence are nevertheless obliged to show this banner on the website if they make use of the exemption until EUR 2,5 million. The banner informs you that there is no approved prospectus necessary for this activity because of the exemption.

Read more about the risks of crowdfunding in our FAQ.


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Khom Sokha

With a loan of EUR 6,800 Khom is able to invest in his wife's business of selling construction materials.

10% raised so far, € 6.150,- required
  • image Maturity: 42 months
  • image Local partner: Kredit
  • image Receive 3.25% interest per annum

Khom, 41, is married man who resides in the Kampong Cham province of Cambodia. He is a school director. And his family income also aided by his wife who a business woman is selling construction materials. In order to enlarge his wife business, he is now asking for a loan to add more construction materials for his wife business.

  • Local partner Kredit
  • Redemption schedule Semi-annual
  • Maturity 42 months
  • Annualized interest 3.25%
  • Company name Khom Sokha
  • Owner Mr. Khom Sokha
  • Location CambodiaKampong Cham, Cambodia
  • Sector Wholesale / Retail
  • Founded 2000
  • Number of employees 2
  • Turnover € 19.559

About Kredit

  • Number of SMEs in loan portfolio 6,767 (including microloans)
  • Total assets € 165,375,265
  • Leverage ratio 15.41%
  • Loan portfolio € 142,778,726
  • Write-off ratio last 12 months 0.41%
  • % loan amount in arrears (>90 days) 0%
  • % loan amount in arrears (>180 days) 0%
  • Numbers updated as of 31 march 2017
KREDIT is one of the largest financial institutions in Cambodia and has become unique in the industry with regards to its ability to respond to the social needs of clients and communities. KREDIT is providing clients with a variety of finance and non- finance products and services. Besides this, KREDIT takes 5-10 per cent of its annual net profits and donates this to social initiatives in the region.

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We already lend to Khom:

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    Jacob Bosma
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    Michel van Cappellen
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    Ilse Deen-Balstra
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What happens if...

...a local partner goes bankrupt?

If a local partner for whatever reason goes bankrupt, there is a real chance that (part of) the loan granted by you will not get repayed. Since all local partners are legally speaking strictly separated, it is sensible to spread your investment over various local partners. entrepreneur does not pay back on time or fully?

From experience we know that defaults do not often occur. However, if it happens then our local partner pays back the loan (plus interest) to you. Our partners hold a reserve for this. If the reserve is not sufficient then it will come out of their equity capital.

...the local currency devaluates?

Our local partners bear the exchange rate risks. We settle the loan, redemptions, and interest payments in euro. Therefore, you pay in euro and you receive the money back in euro.

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Or mail to: (response within 24 hours)