Celebrating Together: A Global Holiday Journey

Written by Chiara Capodacqua on 20 December 2023

At the heart of Lendahand lies a celebration of connections - bridges we've built across continents between you, as an investor, and hard-working entrepreneurs from Indonesia to South America, Africa, and Central Asia. 

As we’re getting into the holiday spirit, we take you on a journey exploring how the communities in the countries you support celebrate the holidays. What spirit unites us across cultures at this time of the year?

Indonesia: A Harmony of Lights and Unity 

In the archipelago of Indonesia, Christmas becomes a symphony of lights and laughter. Even though the majority of the population practises Islam, the approximately 28 million Christians in Indonesia celebrate Natal with various traditions. 

Imagine yourself walking through Jakarta’s neighbourhood, where entrepreneurs like Dennis have settled: streets are adorned with colourful decorations, and the air is filled with the aroma of festive delicacies like the Kue Kering Natal, traditional Christmas cookies. 

Despite the non-religious nature of the celebrations for the predominantly Muslim community, the joy of the people paints a picture of unity, bringing together families, friends, and strangers in a shared celebration that transcends any single religion.

Here you can see many children involved in the performance and the decorating of a small church in Bandung

South America: Rhythmic Celebrations 

In predominantly Christian regions of South America, Christmas is a rhythmic celebration that pulses through every city and town. 

As night falls, the streets come alive with the beats of samba or salsa, becoming a stage for spontaneous performances where neighbours connect. Families and friends gather to share meals and children eagerly await Papá Noel’s arrival. 

In countries like Ecuador, female entrepreneurs like María and their families celebrate Christmas by attending Christmas Eve Mass o “Misa de Gallo” on the night of December 24th, accompanied by fireworks and firecrackers, especially at the stroke of midnight.

Cultural Christmas music and dance in the town centre

Africa: Between Drums and the Spirit of Ubuntu 

You’ve arrived in Africa, where diverse religious practices coexist. Christmas here is a celebration of heritage. During the holiday season, families gather around bonfires, listening to the beat of drums and stories shared by elders. Delicious smells fill the air as everyone enjoys spicy dishes, and the streets come alive with the kids wearing their colorful kente clothes. 

In Kenya, where Joyce lives, the majority of people attend Christmas services at churches, where special prayers, carol singing, and festive sermons take place. In the essence of Ubuntu, the belief in shared humanity, this festivity amplifies the bonds of community. 

Christian worshippers congregate outside the All Saints’ cathedral church after attending a mass in Nairobi

Central Asia: Nomadic Tales and Festive Markets

Now, imagine the vast landscapes of Central Asia, where Islam is the predominant religion. Through our platform, you have empowered local artisans and entrepreneurs such as Xudaybergenova from Uzbekistan and Abdurahmonov from Tajikistan. In these countries, Christmas does not hold a religious significance, but the emphasis on communal joy is expressed through vibrant markets and cultural exchange. Craftsmen showcase their masterpieces in bustling bazaars, and stories of resilience are shared within nomadic yurts. The market’s colours brim with festive spirit, and the energy invites you to experience a connection that spans across culture. 

     In this picture, you can see one of the main bazaars in the centre of Tajikistan

Global Cheers

Whether it’s the unity in Indonesia, the rhythmic celebrations in South America, the Ubuntu spirit in Africa, or the nomadic lifestyle in Central Asia, we wish you an equally magical Christmas in the place you call home. Thank you for the continuous support you offer these deserving communities around the world through your investments. 



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