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InvesCore NBFI JSC is a Fintech based micro-finance Company that founded in 2016 and has been introducing advanced technology and providing innovative and swift services to its customers. As of today, we have 18 branches and 2 subsidiaries in Mongolia. Also, we have established 2 subsidiary companies in Kyrgyz Republic. In 2019, InvesCore held an initial public offering (IPO) worth of 15% of its total shares. Since the IPO the share price increased by 145% by the end of 2021. As of 2021, InvesCore and subsidiary companies are operating with 269 employees for over +80,000 customers.

InvesCore is the largest non-banking financial institution in Mongolia in terms of loan portfolio, net income and assets (out of 531 FIs) with a loan portfolio of MNT 174 billion (approximately USD 60 million) by the end of the 2021 and 40% of loan portfolio is accounting for SMEs and business entrepreneurs.

Regarding international expansion strategy, InvesCore is focusing on launching its business in the markets of Central Asia and South East Asia with the help of its digital lending solutions.

General information

BorrowerInvesCore NBFI
Head officeUlaanbaatar
Founded29 March 2016
Active on Lendahand since17 April 2022
Credit ScoreA+

Financial information per 2023-09-30

Portfolio Overview€107,972,223
Leverage ratio72.70%
Write-off ratio last 12 months0.01%
% investment amount in arrears (>90 days)0.43%

About Mongolia

Mongolia implemented democratic reforms in 1990, including a new constitution. The people of Mongolia chose a parliamentary democracy with a free market economy. During the Soviet time the economy of Mongolia was mainly driven by the agricultural sector. However after becoming independent it discovered its richness in resources and minerals - namely gold, copper, uranium and coal. Because the Mongolian economy is quite dependent on mining the government is actively stimulating other sectors to diversify the economy.

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