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Invest now in an entrepreneur abroad and receive a discount of €10 euros on your total investment. You can already invest from €50 minimum!

How does it work?

The only thing you need to do is sign up for free and pick an entrepreneur you would like to provide with growth capital. You decide how much to invest from €50 minimum. The next step is payment via iDeal or with creditcard. In this stage, the total amount is reduced with €10. As soon as the project is fully funded, the total investment will be provided to the entrepreneur abroad on the 1st of the next month.

For example: you invest €50 in a Cambodian company with a maturity of 12 months. You pay with iDeal and, because of the discount, your actual payment will be €40. After 6 months, you will receive your first repayment of €25 + interest. After 12 months, you will receive the following €25 + interest.

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Lendahand scores a

  • 97% of the investors would recommend Lendahand
  • Average of 1722 customer experiences
  • 97% of the investors would recommend Lendahand
  • Average of 1722 customer experiences
Been using Lendahand for four years now, and I am very happy I started investing here. I trust my money is used to do good.- Fem Naomi
Easy, insigtfull, reliable, open - Lucas van Wijk
Very good experience. Good for giving an helping hand.Again and again.- CM Baum
Straightforward investment process with the basket and check out menu- Philippe B
Very reliable, transparent and a fair way to invest money- Froukje
Very good with the caveat that the payment with my ING VISA credit card was not accepted although my credit card limit was not exceeded - Samson Fung
Have been investing for a few years and have found them to be generally a good company to deal with. Their website has improved greatly in the last years, wh...- Tim
I love what you are doing. It feels totally right to invest in these kind of projects- Christjan
Simple, secure, fluent- Individual
Haber hecho una inversion con el valor añadido de la solidaridad es muy motivador- Santiago Martinez
Overall very good. Lendahand as a P2P facilitator appears to be unique in giving lenders the opportunity to lend directly to borrowers in developing countrie...- Sarah Quinlan
First a investor in Babyloan, I now enjoy doing the same with lend a hand. I feel like there aren't many projects, but that's not important because that way ...- Beverly
Extra-fine- Ignacio
Easy to read, easy to act !- PERARD
Very good experience. I like to invest in projects for people in emerging countries because of the social impact they have.- Manuel H
Una buena forma de generar rentabilidad e impacto positivo- Anonymous
C'est la première fois que j'utilise lendahand, avant j'étais sur babylone, je trouve ça dommage de ne plus avoir mes historiques et montants prêtés depuis l...- Floriane Haquin
Perfect- Miguel Andreu
Very good experience, it is very nice to see that there are this kind of companies that care about developing countries. - Carolina
I am using for around five years now. I love the idea of investing in projects all over the world. The website could improve by making it possible to automat...- Florus
Me paeece muy interesante poder ayudar a emprendedores.- Miguel Hernandez Gonzalez
I think LendAhand's mission is noble and wort it. That's why I support it, even if better risk-return mix can be found with other investments- Matteo Cominetta
I had very annoying problems with the website when you changed something on the finance system last year and I could not invest. Since this was sorted I have...- Kathy Smyth
cool- Gaëlle
Really good one, I love their social mission!- Lendahand
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