Auto-Invest on Lendahand

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Activate Auto-Invest and make a difference 24/7 with your investments

Want to get more out of your investments with Lendahand? Or invest with more convenience? You can now also invest automatically, with the comfort of Auto-Invest.

You decide: Set your project preferences, and Auto-Invest helps you achieve a diverse portfolio that perfectly aligns with your financial and social ambitions at no cost.

24/7 in beweging
24/7 in motion
Your financial and social returns continuously grow as Auto-Invest reinvests your repayments directly into a new project that meets your project preferences.
Persoonlijke regie
Personal control
You set your preferences - from investment amount to interest rate and credit score to maturity. Auto-Invest will provide a portfolio that perfectly matches your financial and social ambitions.
Auto-Invest doet de rest
Auto-Invest takes care of the rest
Effortlessly achieve a diverse and well-diversified portfolio that minimizes risks and spreads your impact worldwide with automatic investing.

 Colleagues Arno and Jan Metten explain Auto-Invest further: 

English subtitles available on YouTube


Want to know more about how Auto-Invest works? We further explain it on this page 

How does Auto-Invest work?