How Auto-Invest works

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Aside from manually investing in crowdfunding projects, you can now also opt for automatic investing. Lendahand has developed the Auto-Invest functionality for this purpose. 

You can read everything about Auto-Invest here, from setting your project preferences to understanding how it works. By the time you activate Auto-Invest, you'll know exactly when automatic investments will take place.


How does automatic investing work at Lendahand?

Auto-Invest is off by default. Easily activate and deactivate Auto-Invest on the page linked below. Both activation and deactivation take effect immediately and are free of charge.

Once you activate Auto-Invest, we'll ask for your project preferences. Auto-Invest only invests in projects that meet the criteria you've specified in advance. This way, you determine which projects you want to invest in and which you don't.

Activate Auto-Invest


Set personal preferences

Auto-Invest only invests in projects that meet your preferences. Enable the following filters:

Filter Definition
Maximum investment amount per project Each investment remains within your chosen maximum amount per project.
Minimum investment amount per project Each investment meets at least your chosen amount per project.
Maximum investment amount per company A company or financial institution often places multiple projects on our website over time. With this setting, you indicate the maximum amount that can be invested per borrower.
Minimum interest rate Each investment offers an interest rate that is at least equal to your specified interest rate.
Minimum credit score Each investment meets at least the minimum credit score you specified.
Maximum maturity Only projects with a maturity up to your selected maximum are eligible for investment.
Currency Investments are limited to projects in the currency you choose (EUR and/or USD).
Invest in financial institutions or directly in a company Lendahand offers different types of investments: through financial institutions in microfinance or directly in a company. This preference excludes investments for a specific type. Read more about the types of investments at Lendahand.


Investment Moments

There are four moments when Auto-Invest can proceed with an investment:

160 minutes after Auto-Invest is enabled and there's money in your wallet.

215 minutes after a deposit is credited to your wallet.

32 hours after a repayment is credited to your wallet.

4Immediately when a new project appears on the website and there's money in your wallet.



Auto-Invest Investment Setup

Once one of the above four investment moments occurs, an automatic investment will take place based on the following logic:

  1. a) the minimum and maximum investment amounts you've set;
  2. b) your available balance and;
  3. c) the number of projects that meet the two criteria mentioned above.
Example 1a:

You have €2,000 in your wallet. You activate Auto-Invest, set the maximum investment amount per project to €500, and set the minimum interest rate to 5.5%. There are 5 projects on the website at that time, 3 of which have an interest rate of 5.5% or higher, and 2 have an interest rate of less than 5.5%. One hour after you activate Auto-Invest, €500 will be automatically invested in three projects. €500 will remain in your wallet.

Example 1b:

Two days later, a new project appears on the website. The project has an interest rate of 6%. As soon as the project appears, the €500 remaining in your wallet will be automatically invested.

Example 2:

You receive a repayment of €1,000 in your wallet. Auto-Invest is enabled, and you've set a minimum investment amount of €400. There are 3 projects available that meet your personal preferences. Two hours after the repayment, Auto-Invest will invest €500 in 2 of the 3 available projects. Auto-Invest will invest in the 2 projects that have been on the website the longest.

Example 3:

You deposit €2,000 into your wallet. Auto-Invest is enabled. You've set a minimum interest rate of 5%, a maximum term of 24 months, only projects in euros (EUR), and only in financial institutions. At that time, there's no project available that meets your preferences. Fifteen minutes after the deposit, Auto-Invest will decide that it cannot invest the money, and it will remain in your wallet. Auto-Invest will only invest once a new project that meets your preferences becomes available.




Offering Individual portfolio management of loans (Auto-Invest) is subject to licensing under the European Crowdfunding Regulation EU/2020/1503. Lendahand is licensed to provide this service.

Some terms and conditions apply to participating in automatic investing. When enabling Auto-Invest, you'll be asked to accept these terms. To read the terms and conditions, click here.


Put Auto-Invest to Work

If you've enabled automatic investing, welcome, and thank you for your trust! You'll receive a confirmation email with each new investment, and of course, you'll also receive an email when the project is fully funded. Additionally, you can continue to invest manually in projects of your choice. In your dashboard on the Lendahand website, you'll see which projects you invested in manually and which ones you invested in via Auto-Invest.



Do you have any questions about Auto-Invest or investing via Lendahand? We're here for you at [email protected]