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Berano Garments Inc.

  • NPFC
  • Invest in microfinance
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  • With a EUR 8,000 loan Sally can optimize her procurement process and sell more to her clients in the U.S.

    18 months
    6 months
    Maturity18 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 58 days on 25 October 2014.

      The project

      Sally Berano Teh is a pharmacist and has worked in a drug store named Mercury Drug (one of the largest drug store in the Philippines.) She is unmarried but adopted a female child. Berano Garments started as family business in May 1976 by her parents with only 6 sewing machines and 6 dressmakers. Berano Garments is named after her mother's maiden name and the business specializes in children's apparels. In 2005, the company became a corporation and named as Berano Garments, Inc., where Sally is now corporate president with her niece as corporate secretary and her sister as chief finance officer. For 36 years, Berano Garments. is manufacturing children's clothing, first by subcontracting for local exporters and now as an exclusive exporter of their products to United States, Dubai, Panama and Mexico. They acquire their exports from buyers through a trading office.

      Currently, Berano Garments, Inc., has 100 sewing machines and is employing 40 regular dressmakers consisting of 15 males and 25 females with just and legal compensation. They also hire skilled dressmakers on a piecewise basis occupying the vacant equipment. Most of the employees are housewives and all are either elementary or high school graduates.

      Currently, Berano Garments, Inc. primary concern is the delay of finishing the contract from the delivery of fabrics needed, to the production of cloths up to the delivery of the garments to the buyers. However, the overrun of productions are given out to orphanages. Berano Garments, Inc. hopes to sustain orders and obtain an increase of orders.

      Lendahand partner’s NPFC is helping Berano Garments, Inc. acquire additional capital to boost the production and support for the incoming orders. The loan will be repaid in 18 months.

      Company nameNPFC
      CEOSally Teh
      SectorManufacturing / Production


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      • With this investment 3 jobs are created
      • With this investment 12 lives are improved

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