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Manresa Engineering

  • NPFC
  • Invest in a Financial Institution
  • + 26 other investors
  • With EUR 7,200 Mark can export his products for telecom providers to Myanmar. Also, he creates 3 jobs.

    6 months
    6 months
    Maturity6 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 38 days on 23 October 2014.


      Mark Stephen Young is a 35 year old architect and father of 3 children. He worked as a progressive architect for 1.5 years, but resigned as he was not content with the company. He made an investment once of approx. 9000 euros, but failed as the company went bankrupt.

      Tired of working and investing, Mark's wife encouraged him to set-up a business in manufacturing electronic equipment such as automation controllers. In 2004, he started Manresa Trading & Engineering Services from their savings. His wife was responsible for the marketing and was able to make a great deal with a telecommunication company. Ever since, business went well. Their business model works, as clients are required to make a down-payment of 50% which ensures the company's liquidity.

      Currently, Manresa Trading & Engineering Services employs 7 employees on a weekly basis along with free meals and transportation allowances. Among the 7, 4 work as laborers and were trained by Mark himself. The other 3 work as office staff. Mark also offers employee loans without charging interest and has granted 7 scholarships to children of his employees. 

      Mark is planning to go international in Myanmar. Mark’s mother-in-law, who lives in Myanmar, will bring the products into the country in order to sell them there. The foreign expansion will result in the hiring of 3 additional employees. 

      Together with local partner NPFC Lendahand can support Manresa Trading & Engineering Services to acquire additional capital to boost the production and support for the incoming orders. The loan will be repaid in 6 months.

      Company nameManresa Engineering
      CEOMark Young
      LocationQuezon City


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      • With this investment 3 jobs are created
      • With this investment 12 lives are improved

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