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A tour of our MFI offerings on four continents

Written by Lynn Hamerlinck on 28 July 2021

Entrepreneurship is the fundamental basis of the microfinance approach to poverty alleviation. That's where it matches so well with the mission of Lendahand. Here's an overview of the local financial institutions in our portfolio that finance SMEs in emerging markets.


What is your Lendahand Wallet goal for 2021?

Written by Lynn Hamerlinck on 17 January 2021

New year, new goals! Is contributing to a better world one of your New Year’s resolutions? Are you also creating personal financial goals? Set your Lendahand Wallet goal for 2021 and get started.


Investor: He or She?

Written by Femke Rutgers on 25 November 2020

People worldwide have been investing since the 16th century, but did you know that women invest 40% less than men on average? Let's dive into this imbalance.


Why it's unfair to compare Lendahand to your savings account

Written by Lucas Weaver on 4 March 2020

It’s a tempting comparison to make: why leave extra money in your savings account earning 0% interest when you could invest it with Lendahand and earn around 3% in return? While the comparison may be tempting, I’m here to tell you why it’s actually like comparing apples and oranges.


What is impact investing?

Written by Lucas Weaver on 28 October 2019

What is impact investing, and why should you care? In this post, we dive into impact investing and explain the ins and outs you need to know.

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