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The 17 Best of the World Goals

Written by Lily Zhou on 21 November 2019

The end of the year is the time to think of new goals and new resolutions. Perhaps you also have things you intend to do more - or absolutely no more - next year. Quit smoking, run a marathon, be nicer for the people around you or stand up for yourself more? Great goals that can help you become an even better version of yourself.

Such challenging goals have also been set on a global scale. There are 17 of them. The United Nations introduced these 17 World Goals as the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for short. They are not simply achieved, so a deadline has been agreed for the year 2030. Each country pursues these goals to ensure that poverty comes to an end, that we protect our planet and that prosperity becomes possible for everyone.

Your choices make a difference

In this new blog series, we want to further explain these SDGs and give examples of how you can directly contribute to specific goals. These 17 world goals are aimed at becoming a better version of ourselves. And that is not just a task for governments and companies. Your daily choices also play a role, such as the CO2 emissions of your car. Or where your t-shirt was made, under what working conditions.

Little bits contribute to a bigger goal

I can imagine that you like one SDG more than the other. And that's completely ok. Or maybe the goals don't mean anything to you, but you still would like to help create a better world. There are numerous options for making your contribution. For example, make sustainable choices when you buy clothes, take the train more often, turn off the lights when you leave, take a shorter - or for the die-hards: a colder - shower, place solar panels on your roof or give that homeless man that you always come across a warm cup of coffee and a sandwich. All wonderful actions that have a positive influence on your immediate environment.

Global trend: impact investing

Do you want to contribute to the SDGs on a larger scale? At Lendahand we are happy to give you the opportunity to invest in real measurable impact together with other people. More and more people no longer want their money to be invested in shady industries. And certainly, in this time where savings rates are under pressure, more and more people are looking for alternatives to still get a little interest.

It is not surprising that impact investing is on the rise: investments with the aim of having a measurable positive impact on the environment or society and achieving a good return. At Lendahand you can do impact investing through crowdfunding, for example in solar energy projects in Kenya, employment in Mongolia, projects for a better position of women in India or education for children in Colombia.

All small amounts together make a huge difference. You can even participate from €50 onwards. And we’ll even give you the first € 25 to get you started.

Did you get enthusiastic about the SDGs and want to read more? In the following article, we will discuss one of the most important SDGs and how you can contribute to this through Lendahand.