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Arlyn Meatshop 2

  • NPFC
  • Invest in microfinance
  • + 12 other investors
  • With EUR 3,800 Arlyn is able to acquire new machinery and to establish a second outlet on another market.

    12 months
    6 months
    Maturity12 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 8 days on 21 October 2015.

      The project

      Ms. Arlyn Tapel from Sampaloc Manila, is a graduate of Computer Programming and a mother of three. She had an experience working as a cashier in a shopping mall and a vendor in a business operated by her sister before starting her own business. Her sibling became her inspiration in establishing her own meat shop in 2004 using her own savings. “Arlyn Meatshop” is located in Suki Market, Quezon City, solely owned and managed by Arlyn . It is engaged in fresh meat products, and home made processed meats specialized in pork tocino, barbeque, and longganisa. Its 11 years of operation, captures not just walk-in buyers, but even canteens and restaurants. 

      With her first loan to NPFC, she was able to expand her market in a resort in Laguna by supplying her processed meats every Summer. She has six out-of-school-youth workers, are all receiving weekly salary, and meals for free. Two of her workers are stay-in. Since the Christmas Season is approaching, Arlyn will be needing a freezer, slicer, and a food processor to prepare for the expected bulk orders of her regular buyers. Also, she wanted to expand her market by having a barbeque cart and a new outlet in Kamuning Market, Manila. 

      Lendahand will provide a working capital loan to Arlyn together with local partner NPFC. Loan will be repaid in 12 months.

      Company nameNPFC
      CEOArlyn Tapel
      LocationSampaloc Manila
      SectorManufacturing / Production


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      • With this investment 1 job is created
      • With this investment 4 lives are improved

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