Types of investments

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Investing via local partners

Financing entrepreneurs in emerging markets through local financial institutions.

If you choose to invest via a local partner, they will provide a loan to the entrepreneur you selected. In fact, you are providing growth capital to an enterprise while running risk on the carefully selected financial institution. Primarily, our local partners cover the risk of defaults and currency fluctuations. These partners have financial reserves for this purpose and it is also possible to claim their equity if needed.

Advantages of investing via local partners:
  • Entrepreneur is screened by partner based on multiple criteria, new jobs created is one of them.
  • Interest rates of 2% - 5% per annum
  • Risks (currency fluctuations and defaults) are mostly covered

Direct investment

Financing entrepreneurs and SMEs in emerging markets.

Here, the enterprise itself is the counterparty so there is no third party involved. Mostly enterprises active in access to renewable energy are involved. Interest rates are higher compared to investments via a local partner, however risks are higher as well. With this type of investment, default risks are not covered.

Advantages of direct investments:
  • Providing families and enterprises with basic needs as (clean) energy
  • Interest rate of 4% - 7% per annum
  • Substantial contribution to reduction of CO2 in emerging countries


Financing entrepreneurs in emerging countries together with renowned parties.

This type of investment is about a cooperation between Lendahand and a big (social) or professional, institutional investor. These skilful parties, mostly with already years of experience in the specific country, select the projects. On Lendahand's platform, investors are given the opportunity to (co-)invest in projects alongside these co-financing parties.

Advantages of co-financing:
  • Create impact in the field of agriculture, housing and access to drinking water
  • Interest rates of 2% - 6% per annum
  • Selecting and monitoring these partners is performed by excellent parties in the Netherlands.

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