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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

An interview with First Finance CEO Sothany Chun

Written by Lucas Weaver on 28 January 2021

This month, we got the chance to hear from First Finance CEO Sothany Chun who told us about what they’re doing to help people in Cambodia.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Lucas

Lucas is a sports-fanatic from Texas and moved to Rotterdam a few years ago. He has a lot of responsibility, working as Lendahand’s Head of Growth and owning an English language school. When he’s not working, Lucas enjoys taking his dog Remi out for walks, making his famous peanut butter-banana oats, and going to the gym.

funding gap emerging markets

Lendahand is adding USD to our portfolio

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Koen The on 21 January 2021

We’re excited to announce that Lendahand is adding investment offerings in U.S. Dollars to our portfolio. Up until now, Lendahand has always carried out deals with our portfolio companies in euros. Adding investment opportunities in USD means a fresh batch of new opportunities will be coming your way.

funding gap emerging markets

Introducing Funding Societies to our portfolio

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 18 January 2021

Funding Societies (FS) is a fast-growing digital financing platform in Southeast Asia, based in Singapore. They operate a crowdfunding platform and provide short-term credit to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through their services entrepreneurs can get the financing they require to grow their business.

funding gap emerging markets

What is your Lendahand Wallet goal for 2021?

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 17 January 2021

New year, new goals! Is contributing to a better world one of your New Year’s resolutions? Are you also creating personal financial goals? Set your Lendahand Wallet goal for the year and get started.

funding gap emerging markets

Covering the Price of Water with Water-microfinance

Millions of people worldwide lack safe drinking water, an essential basic need. While billions come short of access to improved sanitation, there are more people in the world with a mobile phone than a toilet. How can water-microfinancing be used to counter these global problems?

funding gap emerging markets

5 most significant challenges Moldova is facing

funding gap emerging marketsImpactWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 7 January 2021

Adding a second European partner to our portfolio, we are beyond excited to offer investment opportunities that will create a positive impact on our European soil. To get to know Moldova better, we listed five of the biggest challenges this country is facing.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Clarisse

Our “Five Minutes With” series continues with our franꞔaise Clarisse, Lendahand’s talented designer. She creates all of our illustrations and animations, including the drawings on this image. Moreover, Clarisse is a great photographer and a dog-person. She brought her dog to the Netherlands, it's a Jack Russel named Jack!

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Eke

We proudly present Eke, our Operational and Office Manager. Eke is always happy to offer a helping hand, and the one who arranges the most original surprises for the team: from special deliveries to fun (online) activities. She goes for a swim in the North Sea at least once a week, all year round- it's refreshing and energises her for the rest of the day. After living and working in the UK and Spain, we’re happy to have her near.

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