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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

Roam makes electric vehicles accessible in Africa

Written by Lynn Hamerlinck on 25 October 2022

Roam opens up a new sector to the Lendahand crowd: electric vehicles in Kenya. Kenyan/Swedish company Roam develops, designs, and deploys electric vehicles tailored for the African continent to support the transition to sustainable transport.

funding gap emerging markets

How does a new project come on the platform?

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 17 October 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions is how Lendahand selects new projects for our platform. What happens behind the scenes before a project is available for you to invest in? What does the due diligence process look like?

funding gap emerging markets

Is sustainable investing via crowdfunding possible?

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Lucas Weaver on 30 August 2022

Sustainable investing and crowdfunding are not generally two topics you hear about together. Both have become much more popular in the past decade for different reasons. But when you consider unique opportunities that come from the crossover of these two ideas, the opportunities for investors are exciting.

funding gap emerging markets

On the Road with Creze in Mexico City

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 15 August 2022

Entrepreneurs Dinora and Eduardo are both clients from Creze, a financial institution in Mexico. We recently had the chance to meet them and learn how Creze has helped them grow their business.

funding gap emerging markets

Wake up for coffee farmers with Café Perú

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 1 August 2022

The newest addition on Lendahand is Café Perú, a corporation that helps rural smallholder coffee farmers in Peru grow and better their working and living conditions.

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