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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

From Fortune to Future: Financing for Sustainable Rural Development

Written by Lynn Hamerlinck on 14 August 2023

Microfinance institution Fortune Credit focuses on empowering Kenyans with financing to foster economic growth and promoting sustainability by offering clean cooking solutions to rural households.

funding gap emerging markets

9 Top Trends Driving Solar Growth in Africa

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Charity Nyawira on 4 August 2023

While Africa's current energy mix is currently dominated by fossil fuels at 79% and hydropower at 16%, energy company BP predicts that around 30% of Africa’s energy production will be from solar power by 2050. Here are 9 top trends that give hope for a bright solar future in Africa.

funding gap emerging markets

Peruvian MFI Fondesurco Creates Sustainable Impact with Rural Microfinance

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 5 July 2023

Specializing in rural microfinance in Peru, Fondesurco has been providing financial services to underserved individuals who are excluded from the formal financial system since 1994. This way, Fondesurco strives to drive progress in Peru's economically more vulnerable areas through responsible and accessible financial solutions.

funding gap emerging markets

CEI Africa Foundation Signs Co-Financing Partnerships with Lendahand and Energise Africa

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Daniël van Maanen on 22 June 2023

Crowdfunding platforms Lendahand and Energise Africa and the Foundation for Clean Energy and Energy Inclusion for Africa (CEI Africa) today announced that they have entered into agreements for clean energy investing. Under the Framework Agreements, Lendahand and Energise Africa can access a credit facility of EUR 3 million each to co-finance qualified companies alongside European retail investors who invest via Lendahand’s and Energise Africa’s platforms.

funding gap emerging markets

Empowering Micro-Entrepreneurs in Timor-Leste with KIF

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 5 June 2023

Never heard of Timor-Leste before? Here are some keywords to paint the picture for you: Southeast Asian island, dense forests, unspoiled beaches, and a rich coral reef ecosystem. In other words - yes - you are now able to invest in entrepreneurs who are living in a paradise-like environment.

funding gap emerging markets

5 Ways Solar Solutions Reduce The Gender Gap in Poor Households

funding gap emerging marketsImpactWritten by Charity Nyawira on 17 May 2023

Writer Charity used to suffer from a constantly agonizing sore throat. “I discovered an unexpected connection between smoky kitchens and my sore throat.” Dive into her captivating story that unveils how solar solutions are empowering women, reducing the gender gap, and revolutionizing poor households.

funding gap emerging markets

KWFT: Creating Opportunities for Women in Kenya through Microfinance

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 17 April 2023

A new exciting investment opportunity is available for crowdfunding on Lendahand. Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) is a microfinance institution that aims to reach unbankable women in society, giving them an opportunity to gain financial access that they were previously unable to achieve.

funding gap emerging markets

Crowdfunders join forces: Lendahand and PlusPlus become one

PlusPlus was launched in 2020 by development organizations Solidaridad and Cordaid, crowdfunding platform Lendahand and impact investor Truvalu. With a focus on agriculture, interest-free loans and small-scale projects, PlusPlus differentiates itself from Lendahand. But there are also similarities between the two, which offer opportunities for the future. Therefore, it has now been decided to move forward together: PlusPlus will become part of Lendahand.

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