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Brexit scenarios: 2 ways forward

This week a blog written by John Chown, a Lendahand investor and monetary economist who made his career and reputation in international tax, and his public policy and professional activities cover both subjects. What next? We will initiate discussions both with Brussels and with our fellow members and will probably not press the button on Article 50 until the end of the year. Under the terms of that Article we will continue to be full members, with all its benefits obligations and duties until a new agreement is ratified or at the end of two years.


New intern: Aqsa Hussain

<p>This summer I will work at Lendahand on various exciting projects which tie in with my passions for development, as well as give me exposure to various new fields. My thesis was about the role of the private sector in post-conflict development, and with Lendahand focusing on emerging markets, this internship serves as a great continuity of the topics I explored during my research.</p>


B Corp Summit 2016: we are the change!

Last week the 2016 B Corp Summit was held. A lot of successful businesses were present. Living proof that 'doing good' and good cuisines can go hand-in-hand. I realize that it has been a good choice for Lendahand to become a B Corp. It feels like one big family!


Interview with VisionFund Mongolia

Written by Peter Stolze on 13 October 2015

<p>Every time Lendahand starts cooperating with a new local partner, we ask the CEO or CFO of that partner a couple of questions. That way, we hope to provide some insights in their way of thinking. This time an interview with Savoeung Chann, CEO of VisionFund Mongolia, partner of Lendahand since September 2015.</p>


Lendahand blog on Symbid platform

Written by Peter Heijen on 22 September 2015

<p>Lendahand are familiar faces here at Symbid following their first funding round, successfully raising €60,000 from 48 investors in 2014. Now they’re back – after growing exponentially in the last 6 months – and this time they mean business. In fact, they’ve already raised over €240,000 in under 2 weeks!</p>


Funding ánd training crucial for succesful entrepreneurship (in Dutch)

<p>Waarom zijn de meeste sectoren en handelsketens allesbehalve duurzaam? Waarom bieden ze geen economische voorspoed en duurzaam ondernemerschap, maar zijn deze ketens juist de grootste aanstichter van het kappen van het regenwoud, het gebruik van schaars zoet water en zelfs rampspoed als slavenarbeid? Vragen die wetenschappers, NGOs, bedrijven en andere organisaties al jaren bezighouden. Een indicatie dat er geen simpele antwoorden zijn.</p>