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Introduction new partner SolarWorks!

Written by Peter Stolze on 25 October 2017

CEO Arnoud de Vroomen: "And this is what makes us really proud of what we do: we change lives on a daily basis! Thousands of people are now experiencing, for the first time in their lives, what it is like to have electricity and by investing in our latest project you can be part of this, while earning a good return."


A story from Colombia

Written by Tobias Grinwis on 24 April 2017

A while ago we received a nice question from Wendele, one of our lenders. She would go traveling in Latin America and was wondering if she could do anything for us. We asked her to visit some of "our" entrepreneurs during her stay in Colombia. We just received an enthusiastic mail about her first day visiting our local partner Eclof!


SimGas: Two brothers’ quest for clean energy

The SimGas biogas system was launched: a ground-breaking product that is mass produced, fast to install, and customized to best fit customer needs; three unique selling points that enable supply to meet the increasing demand for domestic biogas in Africa and Asia.


Dutch crowdfunder Lendahand expands in Europe

”With our MiFID license, we’re ready to scale up rapidly. We can now operate on a European level reaching a cross-border market. More importantly, we strive for impact first and expect to generate around 10,000 new jobs in emerging economies and to provide access to energy to at least 40,000 households in mainly Sub-Saharan Africa by the end of 2017”.


Impact makers: Peerby

Every month Lendahand puts a social enterprise in the spotlight with the column 'Impact makers'. This month the trendy borrow platform Peerby! (Blog is written in Dutch)


Monthly overview October

Written by Dinand Mentink on 7 November 2016

The leaves are turning red and brown which means that the fall has started. Which makes sense, as it is already November. It is time for a monthly overview! (Blog is written in Dutch)


The impact makers: Waka Waka

Every month Lendahand puts a social enterprise in the spotlight with the column 'Impact makers'. This month: Waka Waka! (Blog is written in Dutch)


Brexit scenarios: 2 ways forward

This week a blog written by John Chown, a Lendahand investor and monetary economist who made his career and reputation in international tax, and his public policy and professional activities cover both subjects. What next? We will initiate discussions both with Brussels and with our fellow members and will probably not press the button on Article 50 until the end of the year. Under the terms of that Article we will continue to be full members, with all its benefits obligations and duties until a new agreement is ratified or at the end of two years.


B Corp Summit 2016: we are the change!

Last week the 2016 B Corp Summit was held. A lot of successful businesses were present. Living proof that 'doing good' and good cuisines can go hand-in-hand. I realize that it has been a good choice for Lendahand to become a B Corp. It feels like one big family!


The menu: goat intestines in Kenya

Written by Peter Heijen on 27 June 2016

<p>Met een rommelende buik begin ik aan dit blog vanuit ons hotel in Nairobi, Kenia. Deze middag heeft het team van zonnepanelen bouwer SunTransfer ons uitgenodigd voor de lunch. We kregen o.a. de darmen en de maag van een geit voorgeschoteld. Ik hoop dat het goed gaat. Toen mij werd gevraagd wat wij doen met deze ingewanden, heb ik uitgelegd dat we hier in Nederland huisdierenvoeding (en wellicht frikandellen) van maken. Hij verklaarde de Nederlanders voor gek, want “dit waren per slot van rekening de lekkerste onderdelen en bovendien hebben ze een medicinale werking”.</p>


Entrepreneur speaks: Liwanag Serrato from The Philippines

Written by Hans Kramer on 26 May 2016

Liwanag Serrato is de vrouw achter Jello Woodworks, een Filipijns winkeltje in houtsnijwerk. Ze staat al op de uitkijk als we bij haar werkplaats in Marikina City aankomen. In haar kleine kantoortje vertelt ze hoe een collega ondernemer haar attendeerde op NPFC en Lendahand.


Entrepreneur speaks: Anthony Gaw form the Phillipines

Written by Hans Kramer on 7 April 2016

Mijn werknemers zijn als familie voor me, zegt Anthony Gaw, ondernemer uit San Pablo City Laguna op de Filipijnen. De Filipijnen hebben volgens de ILO (International Labour Organization) het hoogste percentage werklozen van Zuidoost-Azië. Naar schatting hebben ruim 12 miljoen Filipijnen geen baan.


Entrepreneur speaks: Estella from Colombia (in Dutch)

Written by Tobias Grinwis on 1 March 2016

Estella wil meer families helpen en meer kinderen in staat stellen hun levens te verbeteren. Wie had ooit gedacht dat dit soort kinderen succesvol konden zijn in het buitenland? Ik niet, maar het is ons wel gelukt. Om dit vaker voor elkaar te boksen, heeft de oprichter wel wat tips. Meer organisatie- en management trainingen, of wellicht financiële cursussen voor de deelnemers. Kan jullie Lendahand Foundation daar niet bij helpen?

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