Lendahand 4e kwartaal 2017

Written by Erna Goudt on 27 February 2018

Wat een kwartaal! Het beste kwartaal in de geschiedenis van Lendahand qua investeringen op de website. En niet alleen mochten we dit kwartaal meer nieuwe investeerders verwelkomen dan in alle voorgaande kwartalen van 2017, ook breidden we uit naar Engeland.

De grootste kracht in het universum

Written by Koen The on 19 February 2018

Het zal niemand ontgaan zijn dat de rente historisch laag staat. Op je spaargeld ontvang je een rente die lager is dan de inflatie. Dat betekent dat je in reële waarde erop achteruit gaat door te sparen. Immers, met je spaargeld inclusief rente kan je over een jaar minder goederen kopen dan vandaag. En dan moet je ook nog eens rekening houden met de gevreesde vermogensrendementsheffing. Kortom, je spaarpotje wordt kleiner waar je bij staat. En snel ook.

Koen The


Lendahand Establishes Supervisory Board

Written by Peter Stolze on 9 February 2018

As of February 2018, Lendahand has begun the transition of the Advisory Board to a Supervisory Board.

Peter Stolze

Co-founder Operations&Compliance

Dutch crowdfunder Lendahand in global top-3 platforms clean energy

Written by Hans Kramer on 8 February 2018

This week the Energy4Impact knowledge center launched their third report on crowd-based energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. In the report Energy4Impact concludes that Lendahand takes a leading position worldwide in financing the energy transition in Africa. We grow to a solid third place in the ranking.

Hans Kramer

Story Teller

Risico versus rendement: een uitleg

Written by Koen The on 21 November 2017

Bij Lendahand kunnen mensen investeren in lokale partners (banken en non banking financial institutions) of direct in ondernemers. Het rendement op deze investeringen ligt (inmiddels) tussen de 2.5% en de 8% op jaarbasis. Dat is nogal een verschil. Feitelijk is rente een prijs die wordt betaald. Maar de prijs waarvan?

Koen The


Terugbetalingen: hoe werkt dat eigenlijk?

Written by Peter Stolze on 14 November 2017

Regelmatig ontvangen we gedurende de 1e week van de maand vragen van investeerders wanneer de terugbetalingen op de wallets worden gestort. We geven dan altijd aan dat terugbetalingen ‘doorgaans plaatsvinden gedurende de 1e 10 werkdagen van de maand’. De logische vervolgvraag is dan ook, waarom het vaak daadwerkelijk 10 werkdagen duurt voordat terugbetalingen op de wallets staan. Reden om een en ander eens uiteen te zetten.

Peter Stolze

Co-founder Operations&Compliance

Van YOLO naar FOMO. Of toch niet?

Written by Koen The on 2 November 2017

"Heeft Generatie X het dan toch beter voor elkaar? Op dit moment zou je geneigd zijn te zeggen van wel. Ze zijn niet zo well-off als de babyboomers maar kennen wel termen als pensioenpremie holidays en hebben een sterk stijgende trend in huisprijzen meegemaakt".

Koen The


Introduction new partner SolarWorks!

Written by Peter Stolze on 25 October 2017

CEO Arnoud de Vroomen: "And this is what makes us really proud of what we do: we change lives on a daily basis! Thousands of people are now experiencing, for the first time in their lives, what it is like to have electricity and by investing in our latest project you can be part of this, while earning a good return."

Peter Stolze

Co-founder Operations&Compliance

Press release: UK crowd has potential to play a critical role in helping 110,000 families in Sub-Saharan Africa secure vital access to clean and affordable solar energy

Written by Hans Kramer on 5 October 2017

Two of Europe’s leading online impact investing platforms Lendahand and Ethex with support from UK aid and Virgin Unite have launched Energise Africa – putting life changing solar home systems within the financial reach of rural families.

Hans Kramer

Story Teller

Co-investing together with experienced fund managers in Zimbabwe!

Written by Tobias Grinwis on 14 September 2017

Soon Lendahand will offer projects where you can invest alongside institutional investors via a fund managed by our new partner from Zimbabwe, Vakayi Capital Partners.

Tobias Grinwis

Investment Ranger

Lendahand partners with MyBucks to fund African Entrepreneurs

Written by Hans Kramer on 19 July 2017

We are very pleased to announce the partnership of Luxembourg headquartered and Frankfurt-listed FinTech, MyBucks S.A.

Hans Kramer

Story Teller

Entrepreneur in the spots: Kheng and Bunkhoeung

Written by Hans Kramer on 19 June 2017

Have you ever wondered why people in third world countries retreive plastic from trash cans? Talking with Kheng and Bunkhoeung I got the answer to that question.

Hans Kramer

Story Teller

A story from Colombia

Written by Tobias Grinwis on 24 April 2017

A while ago we received a nice question from Wendele, one of our lenders. She would go traveling in Latin America and was wondering if she could do anything for us. We asked her to visit some of "our" entrepreneurs during her stay in Colombia. We just received an enthusiastic mail about her first day visiting our local partner Eclof!

Tobias Grinwis

Investment Ranger

SimGas: Two brothers’ quest for clean energy

Written by Dorine Poelhekke on 19 December 2016

The SimGas biogas system was launched: a ground-breaking product that is mass produced, fast to install, and customized to best fit customer needs; three unique selling points that enable supply to meet the increasing demand for domestic biogas in Africa and Asia.

Dutch crowdfunder Lendahand expands in Europe

Written by Danny den Hartog on 6 December 2016

”With our MiFID license, we’re ready to scale up rapidly. We can now operate on a European level reaching a cross-border market. More importantly, we strive for impact first and expect to generate around 10,000 new jobs in emerging economies and to provide access to energy to at least 40,000 households in mainly Sub-Saharan Africa by the end of 2017”.

Impact makers: Peerby

Written by Mija Kramer on 22 November 2016

Every month Lendahand puts a social enterprise in the spotlight with the column 'Impact makers'. This month the trendy borrow platform Peerby! (Blog is written in Dutch)

The first Lendahand Academy in the Philippines

Written by Ron Schuurman on 17 November 2016

Ron Schuurman travelled on the 22th of October for the Lendahand Foundation to Manilla to organize with the local partner NPFC the first Lendahand Academy! (Blog is written in Dutch)

Trump and clean energy - not a great combination

Written by Eva Schouten on 11 November 2016

Trump will be the new president of the United States. And he claims not to believe in clean energy. It's time for some facts! (Blog is written in Dutch)

Monthly overview October

Written by Dinand Mentink on 7 November 2016

The leaves are turning red and brown which means that the fall has started. Which makes sense, as it is already November. It is time for a monthly overview! (Blog is written in Dutch)

Dinand Mentink

Web Cowboy

The impact makers: Waka Waka

Written by Mija Kramer on 13 October 2016

Every month Lendahand puts a social enterprise in the spotlight with the column 'Impact makers'. This month: Waka Waka! (Blog is written in Dutch)